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Thumb up Hooks Multipurpose Holder (Pack of 10)

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Discover the versatility of Silicone Cable Organizer Clips 

Are you tired of misplacing your keys, struggling with tangled cables, or searching for a pen when you need it most? Creative Multi-Function Thumb Wall Hooks are here to simplify your life. These innovative hooks not only solve everyday problems but also add a touch of functionality to your space.

Features & Benefits:

Versatile Use:

These practical thumb hooks are not limited to just hanging items. They also serve as silicone cable organizer clips, making it easy to manage and organize your cables and accessories.


 Thumb Wall Hooks help you make the most of your space by efficiently hanging and organizing your belongings.

Easy Installation:

Installing these hooks is a breeze. Just follow our simple step-by-step guide, and you'll have them securely mounted on your wall in no time.

How it Works:


1. Locate a suitable wall space.

2. Use the included screws and anchors to secure the hooks.

3. Adjust the hooks as needed for your specific items.

Cable Organization:

1. Use the hooks to neatly secure and organize your cables.

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Thumb up Hooks Multipurpose Holder (Pack of 10)
Thumb up Hooks Multipurpose Holder (Pack of 10)

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