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Portable Juicer Blender USB Rechargeable

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Why Is It Essential For You?

In our country most people don’t eat raw fruits and vegetables which has most nutrition value due to its raw taste now you can blend it and make the smoothie anywhere.

Best for making Protein Shakes on the go!

Your favorite Portable Blender is perfect for protein shakes. It just got easier, more convenient and less messy. Our Blender is perfect for the gym, your morning coffee or pre-workout drinks.


Our Portable blender offers you a silent solution when it comes to your blending needs.

In Built Battery

Featuring a built-in battery with USB charging technology, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless blending wherever you go.

Easy To Clean

Our easy to remove blade and bottle caps makes the whole cleaning process a breeze. No need to worry about leftovers getting stuck in the bottle.


  • Step 1: Twist counter-clockwise to remove the bottom of your blender.

  • Step 2: Add your favorite ingredients to the bottle, making sure not to fill it more than 3/4 full to prevent overflow.

  • Step 3: Firmly attach the bottom of the blender making sure it is snug and then double press the power button.

Please Note: It is a Portable Juicer Blender 420ml which is for blending and can't be compared to Juicer Mixer or Juicer Grinder.

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Portable Juicer Blender USB Rechargeable
Portable Juicer Blender USB Rechargeable

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